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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website…
We are a Veteran owned business founded in 2012. We understand that behind every
piece of jewelry you purchase, there is a beautiful moment: a gift to a loved one or
friend, a thank you, or a gift to yourself because you deserve it. We do everything we
can to make these moments as special as possible for our customers.
We are dedicated to offering dazzling Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings and
Pendants of the best quality in fashion jewelry. We offer a money back guarantee and
amazing discounted prices. We want to make you a happy customer for years to come,
and all we ask is try us out…and we will do the rest!

Our Mission

We have two missions. First and foremost is you! Because without you, we do not have
a business. We want you to feel you are receiving the Best Quality Products, at the Best
Price, and at the Best Customer Service…
Second, as Veterans, we feel grateful every day that we are still living our dreams. Our
hope, along with our families and working associates, is to share what we receive with
those who need it most.
We will give up to 40% of our gross profits to Charities. Not the big ones, but local cities
and towns our customers live in. We will concentrate on Veterans with Disabilities,
Children’s Hospitals that don’t charge for helping those who can’t help themselves, for
medical clinics that help their neighbors who need their services most, and for care
facilities that help family members get out of being abused and battered. We want you
to help us in this effort by sending us care facilities in your area that can use a financial
We are not just saying this, we will be proving it every month…at our CHARITIES BLOG
in this website. Beginning 3 months after launching, we will list our first post how much
we raised, what was donated, and to what it was donated to…Let us know what causes
you would like to see us donate to and why. We will listen, and we will do our best to